56 East Broadway Avenue
Suite 106
Forest Lake, MN 55025

Hours of Operation
  • Monday

    9AM - 9PM

  • Tuesday

    9AM - 9PM

  • Wednesday

    9AM - 9PM

  • Thursday

    9AM - 9PM

  • Friday

    9AM - 8PM

  • Saturday

    8AM - 4PM

  • Sunday




Services and Pricing

30 Minute: $70
60 Minute: $95
90 Minute: $120


As I have followed my hearts calling, I have been led, with much gratitude to the art of bodywork. Having obtained my certification at the Colorado School of Healing Arts, Lakewood, Co. in 2008.

To heal, literally means “to make whole”. My life has shown me that true healing takes place not just in the physical body, but throughout the whole person; including the physical form, the mind, emotions, and also the soul. No one part of a person’s being can be separated from the whole.

In awe I have experienced, and continue to experience the increasing joy, ease, harmony and well-being that result from a developing sense of wholeness from healing. Focused, intentional massage and energy work can release restrictions and clear blockages on all levels of being. This is GOOD stuff!

I find such joy in bringing this work to others, with all its marvelous potential for helping us to reach our great potential. I am blesses to be doing work which allows me to acknowledge and encourage our perfectly unfolding experience of true health.